The trend of uniting the nation by President Muse of Somaliland
June 18, 2020 - Written by wariye999
The President’s speech in Somaliland, Somalia summit  meeting at Djibouti, reminded me the first speech President Muse gave on official announcement of NEC as President elect. I have written the following article, translating his historical speech. Read and see the resemblance. Evaluate the commitment to the cause of the nation. Taste the tone of courage and search of national unity. That speech touched the heart of the nation in all parts of Somaliland regardless of their political views. The same is said about Djibouti speech. It united the nation, young and old, men and women, opposition and supporter of the government. President Muse is gifted to raise nationalism at the time of need. Thank you Mr. President.
Let me leave you with that remarkable speech for your reflection.
The First Public Speech by  President  Elect Muse Bihi Abdi
By Ahmed Hassan Arwo
Today 21 November 2017, the National Election Commission, declared the winning party of the presidential election, held on 13th November 2013 as the candidates of Kulmiye party, the ruling party of Somaliland. Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi and his running mate Mr. Abdirahman Saylie won 305,909 votes representing 55.19% of total votes cast. The second party Waddani won 226,092 (40.73%), while the third party, UCID got 23,141 (4.17%) of the total vote cast.
Thus Mr. Muse Bihi and Abdirahman Saylie were confirmed as President-Elect and Vice President respectfully.
Mr. Bihi was touched emotionally by the margin of the win. He is first ever elected Somaliland President with an overwhelming majority. In his first public speech as President-elect, he showed humility and spirit of thankfulness. After thanking his followers for the trust they bestowed upon him, he expressed the burden of leadership and his unreserved endeavor to unite the nation. Hereunder is his speech, translated from Somali.
All thanks to Allah, then to my Kulmiye supporters, and to all citizens of Somaliland. I am humbled and honored to win the trust of my people with this enormous margin. I feel intense with the obligation of responsibility. I realize the huge tasks in front of me, to address the immense needs of my people. I shall be President for all, those who voted for me and those who did not.
First and Foremost I appreciate the smooth running of our electoral process, with the outcome of all accepted free and fair election, as a historic landmark for our country. Let me thank the NEC, the Police and National Army, and above all our peace-loving, well-mannered and democratically oriented public. We did a great job. The whole nation deserves to be praised. It is not Kulmiye’s victory, not mine, but a victory for all of us. The Nation won. It is not me and you, it is all of us who succeeded.
Disputes are human nature. Families quarrel. A father and son squabble, so a mother and daughter. We contested an election with exciting campaigns, bruises and scratches happened from all parties. It is nothing but a part of the game. There is no enmity between us and no hard feeling at all. Each one of us wants to develop and secure our national interest. We have different means to do that. We presented these differences to our people and the people decided. That is why we all prevail.
I feel that I am not the sole winner, UCID and WADDANI candidates as well triumphed. They contested peaceful and spotless campaign that attracted the eyes of the world. The congratulations and a commendable message from International Election Observers, the friendly countries and the world at large is the result of our combined undertaking. Together, we made our people proud and put our country celebrated worldwide for its democracy, a rare attribute to a developing country, lest unrecognized one. We raised our status to be recognized as an independent and sovereign nation. A sacred mission we all seek to accomplish.
I will let no stone unturned to remedy any grudge or resentment any Party feels, I will bring all of us, the three political Parties and their leadership to unite for the common good of our Somaliland. We cannot avoid disunity at these critical times. We have one enemy. That enemy is neither mine nor yours it is our enemy, and we have to unite against him. I welcome my yesterday adversaries as my brothers, with an open hand and clean heart to preserve the unity of the nation. United we can move mountains, divided we will fail.
Needless to say, what we share is overwhelmingly more than the tiny differences we have.
Thank You and Allah bless you.
Long live Somaliland, Viva Kulmiye. May peace and Allah’s mercy be with us all.

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