The art of charity” prepares an exhibition of nativity scenes at Grottaglie
November 25, 2018 - Written by wariye999

GROTTAGLIE – An exhibition of artisanal cribs has been set up in Grottaglie, as part of the “The art of charity” initiative, with particular visual effects.

Christmas is time for caves and Bambinelli, shepherds and sheep in terracotta, in wood or in papier mache – declares Pietro Abbruzzese, promoter of the initiative -. Time for cribs, as large as a room or children to be in the shell of a walnut, ancient and traditional, or modern and innovative. Living cribs, where the neighbor together with her husband give “breath” to the shepherdess and the miller and the children of the neighborhood are the little angels who sing: “Gloria!”. The nativity scenes that I like the most, however, are the “live” cribs, those where the characters live for real and for the whole year and not just December 25th; where a living baby Jesus is celebrated, in need of care and attention 365 days a year; where the young shepherds on duty are social workers and health workers: willing volunteers, generous men, tireless workers who comfort the baby Jesus. There are many, all over the world … certainly one of these is the Mas Children Hospital in Somaliland, where children suffering from serious heart disease and other diseases are rescued, treated and accompanied multiple difficulties of a country brought to its knees by too many fratricidal wars and enormous ecological disruptions, such as terrible famines and upheavals of all kinds. In the first five years of life, a quarter of the children who come to life do not survive (250 children die every 1000).

The manger is the hospital bed, the cave is the hospital itself, the shepherds and the wise men are all people of good will who, in various capacities, collaborate in the maintenance of the hospital and then to treat the baby. Each of us can therefore participate in this crib “.

“The goal is to help these children in need of care and attention just like Jesus, born poor, in a cave, in the cold and in the cold. Make a charity exhibition for the Mas Children Children’s Hospital in Somaliland of my cribs. The invitation is to contribute to this work of solidarity, visiting the same exhibition and donating something for the children of the hospital. You can also contribute to the work of the Marco Berry Foundation, giving 5 per thousand to the same foundation that is responsible for supporting the Mas Children Hospital “.


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