Online Media Gangs planned to embezzle NEC AwarenessFundsb
April 8, 2021 - Written by wariye999

Hargeisa)- As many source of information mentions, there is online gang media group that prepared a plan to embezzle the funds  that the Somaliland National Electoral Commission (NEC) intended for media awareness campaign and the broadcasting of news, that related to these elections.

However, the group, which pretends to be Somaliland’s online media  representatives  , is said to have devised a plan to steal the money, submitting to the electoral commission a list of fake websites and fake vouchers. And by the way NEC is not aware of that.

The group, which operates under the auspices of the Somaliland Online News Network, is only waiting for the Electoral Commission to pay the money, and it seems their plan of embezzlement  of awareness funds have worked to them.

On the other hand, some news websites in Somaliland have strongly opposed the theft of this small group, and  they blamed the Somaliland National Electoral Commission’s media department and the way they approached this informal incident. And They called on NEC to reconsider this issues otherwise they will mention the names of these gang media group.

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