January 28, 2016 - Written by wariye999

Introduction: There Are No Limits

“If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves.”                                    —Thomas Edison


Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a land far away, there lived an old man in a house on top of a hill. He had dedicated his entire life to study and meditation. He was known far and wide for his intelligence, sensitivity, and wisdom. Politicians, businesspeople, and dignitaries came to visit him and ask him questions. His answers were always correct. He seemed to have a special faculty that enabled him to cut to the essence of any problem or issue. When his answers and solutions were implemented, the result was always excellent. His fame soon spread throughout the land.

In the village below the hill was a group of boys who played together. Sometimes they climbed the hill to visit the old man and ask him questions, for which he always seemed have the correct answer. Over time, it became a little game, with the boys continually trying to think of a question that the old man could not answer. Bu they were never successful.

One day, the ringleader of the group, a boy named Aram, called the others around him and said, “I have finally found a way to stump the old man. Here in my hand, I have a bird. We will go and ask the old man if the bird is alive or dead. If he says that it is dead, I will release it and it will fly away. If he says that it is alive, I will crush it, and the bird will be dead. Either way, he will at last have been proven wrong.”

Excited about the prospect of finally catching the old man with a wrong answer, they hurried up the hill. The old man watched them coming and noticed the eager looks on their faces. Then Aram stepped forward and asked, “Old man, I have a bird here in my hands. Is it alive or is it dead?”

The old man looked at their mischievous, expectant faces and then quietly said, “Aram, it is in your hands.”


You Are the Master of Your Own Destiny

The point and moral of this story is that almost everything that happens to you is in your hands. Your destiny is very much up to you. Your future is largely determined by yourself, by your own choices and decisions. What you achieve is the result of what you do, or fail to do, day by day and year by year.

When I was 21, in the middle of a cold—cold winter, I sat in my small one-room apartment and contemplated my future. It didn’t look very promising. I was a high school dropout working as a construction laborer, too broke to even go out the week before payday. Suddenly, I had revelation. Just like the story about the old man, I realized that everything that happened to me from that moment onward was in my own hands. No one else was going to do it for me. I was responsible.

to be continued……………

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