January 29, 2016 - Written by wariye999

You Can Create Your Own Future

The management guru Peter Ducker wrote, “The very best way to predict the future is to create it.” Everyone wants to be happy, healthy, popular, prosperous, and successful in whatever they do, but the only way for you to achieve and enjoy all that is possible for you is to create your own future. And the good news is that there have never been more opportunities, in more different areas, for you to fulfill your dreams and goals than there are today. Your chief aim in life should be to take full advantage of everything that your world has to offer.

There are basically two types of people in our world, the active and the passive. Only about 10 percent are proactive, and although they are very much in the minority they are the movers and shakers in every area. They are the people who take their lives into their own hands and make things happen. They accept complete responsibility for themselves and the results of their actions. They dare to go forward in the face of risk and uncertainty. When you decide to create your own future, you join this vital minority. You begin to push to the front of the line in your own life.

The majority of people tend to be passive in their responses and reactions to life, constantly wishing and hoping that something good will happen to them. They buy lottery tickets, watch television endlessly, and complain about their situations. They recent successful people, but they are not willing to make the efforts that others have made to achieve what they have achieved. They live their lives like people waiting for a bus on a street where no buses go.


Hope Is Not a Strategy

Hope is not a strategy for success. Your life is too precious and important to be left to chance. Your greatest responsibility is to take command of your future and shape your destiny the way you want, to do something wonderful with your life.

In the years since that moment of awareness in my small apartment, I have traveled and worked in more than 80 countries. I have started, built, managed, or turned around 22 different businesses. I have served as a consultant or trainer for more than five hundred companies, and taught more than two million students and seminar participants these strategies for success in business and personal life. In the following pages, I will share with you the best ideas I have ever discovered to help you create the kind of future you both desire and deserve.

Sometimes, in my seminars, I will ask, “Is there anyone here who would like to double their income?” almost instinctively, they all raise their hands.

“Well,” I say. “I have good news for you. I can guarantee that everyone here is going to double their income, if you just live long enough.

If your income increases at the rate of inflation, about three percent per year, and you work another 20 to 25 years, you will definitely double your income.

“So, doubling your income is not the real question, is it? The real question is, ‘How fast can you do it?’”


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