“Central Bank of Somalia Expatriate Governor a Threat to Somaliland” Reveal President’s Advisor on Security
January 16, 2019 - Written by wariye999

Somaliland president advisor on security affairs Mr.Ali Mohammed Waran’ade has confirmed that the new foreigner appointed to become Somalia’s Central Bank head is a threat to Somaliland determination of self-governance. He went on to reveal that all Horn of Africa countries should be on high alert to ward off the influence of this new comer. The former Somaliland internal security minister said this during an interview with a local Somali vernacular daily Geeska Afrika on telephone from India. He urged Somalia administered regions to also be on their guard as this foreigner has other motives.

The former minister urged all Somaliland nationals to be on the look out to stop any clandestine plot against their country by Somalia. Here are his words “We have information that the Central Bank of Somalia is being handed over to foreigners, we also are aware that the government of Qatar has pumped a lot of money into the Somalia government coffers however what they don’t know is that money in the wrong hands can be used for other ulterior motive. The people of Somaliland are peace loving lot and shall not sit idle when their motherland is under attack.”

He added that Somaliland is a peace loving nation but will not tolerate violation of her territorial integrity and sovereign border.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir

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