Yemeni Houthis Vow to Hit Somaliland’s Berbera Port Leased to UAE
December 26, 2017 - Written by wariye999
Screenshot of Houthi video clip warning bombardment against Berbera in Somaliland.

dhaymoole (Somaliupdate ) – The Yemeni’s Houthi rebels group has warned on Sunday that it will strike Somaliland’s Berbera port should authority in Somaliland continue its lease agreement to United Arab Emirates, the group said.

In a video posted online, Houthi commander said the group will be forced to use its ballistic missiles to bombard Berbera to strike the UAE base.
“We are telling Somaliland authorities that our rockets will reach Berbera, should you continue your intention to prove Berbera as base for UAE military.” the video statement read by unnamed Houthi commander said.
“If you do so, then you have made the wrong decision.” he said referring the agreement between Somaliland, a self-declared region in the northern Somalia with the UAE.
In September, 2016, UAE’s Dubai Ports World has received a 30 year concession to manage and develop the Berbera port that will require an investment of $442 million.
That agreement was followed by another one,a lease agreement of Berbera military base to UAE forces to allow the Saudi-led coalition fighter jets to carry air strikes on the Houthi targets in Yemen.
The Iran-backed Shia rebels have seized many portion in the northern Yemen including the capital Sana’a forcing the international backed government of president Abdu Rabu Mansour to relocate to Aden.
The rebels have launched missiles to Saudi Arabia on several occasions.
Berbera is located on the Gulf of Aden, 260 kilometers (162 miles) south of Yemen, where UAE troops in a Saudi Arabia-led coalition are battling Houthi rebels.

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