Somaliland Government Confirms Research Results of Cyclone Sagar Devastation
September 6, 2018 - Written by wariye999

“Many people lost their livelihoods, Infrastructure was destroyed and livestock wipe out “

National Disaster Preparedness Organization has published their report concerning the devastation caused by cyclone Sagar that hit the country early this year. The cyclone Sagar affected 12 districts nationwide. The chairman of the disaster preparedness agency Mr.Faisal Ali Sheikh released the report at a function held by his organization.  He revealed the districts which were hit and the regions they are located.  Regions affected by the cyclone Sagar are Awdal, Selel, Sahil, Marodijeeh, Sanaag and Lasqoray.

According to the disaster report 422 villages were affected by the cyclone disaster. It also confirms that 900,000 people were up rooted from their homes most are from the coastal areas of Lowya’ado to Las Qoray.

The disaster agency chairman also reported that 53 people lost their lives in the cyclone. He went on to state that 7 bodies were lost in disaster and have not yet been recovered. Chairman Faisal added that 310,000 livestock were lost in the Sagar cyclone. He also revealed that 8973 farms were destroyed they sat on a land measuring 17946. Cyclone Sagar also carried away 1720 generators used for irrigation purposes in these farms. Another problem from the disaster is that the 129133 seedlings were washed away by cyclone.

The report also confirmed that 211 km of roads was destroyed by the floods, 40 schools and 1459 homes were completely destroyed in the disaster.

The agency chairman added that cyclone Sagar which in May this year destroyed 211 million dollars worth of properties. The disaster agency incorporated the ministry of agriculture, health, education and public work and housing in their research work.

Speaking at the function minister of water resources Mr. Suleiman Yusuf Ali Koore and assistant minister of planning and national development Mr.Hussein Ibrahim Buuni called on international aid organization to help the people of Somaliland affected by cyclone Sagar disaster.

By: Solnanews.com

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