DP World Vs Somaliland Supreme Court
May 26, 2017 - Written by wariye999

DP world Non-Bidding Construction projects Corruption Scandal in Berbera is under the radar of the Somaliland Supreme Court, who guards the guardian ( Dp World). While the president directive and executives order against corruption and malpractice are in place.

Do #Djibouti allegation to DP world misconduct was absolutely right?

“Do DP world has a license to corrupt Somaliland constitutional and institutional legal rights?

As far as I’m concerned the Dp world is severely violated of Somaliland Tender Board policy and constitutional rights, according Somaliland Tender Act as mentioned below;-

The Somaliland Tender Laws are to:

  • Every Tender Must be advertise, both governmental and non-governmental to achieve fair competition and preserve, protect  contractors equal rights;
  • protect the integrity of the bidding process;
  • prevent favoritism; and
  • Maintain a level playing field for all bidders.

The DP World breached the Law and awarded construction contracts without respecting Somaliland Tender policy plans, procedures and universal tender standard process. This is act of corruption, fraud and misconduct. This DP world initial move creates chaos, confusion and tension among Somaliland Construction Companies.

DP world awkward a warding the Daryeel company a projects estimated $5 million contracts without advertised  to media ,including Berbera Five star Hotel , Dp world employees Housing, Warehouses  and much more. Disregard and disrespect of the Somaliland constitutional and institutional rights. The initial face of Dp world were unwelcomed in Somaliland law makers and public in general.

Furthermore, after I contacted the Daryeel construction company General Manager and marketing manager, Mr. A/Rashid and Mr. Awil respectively .I asked same question. How do you receive the construction contracted from the DP world without competition based on tender? Both gentlemen respond as same, that they exercise their leverage through Somaliland Ambassador in U.A.E  Mr. Bashe Awil , Mayor of Berbera  Mr. A/shakur “Dicin”. As well as chairman of Somaliland chamber of commerce and shareholder of Daryeel Construction were facilitated to receive the project without bidding. I also visited the Daryeel constructing sites, most of employee were Ethiopia. I asked the Daryeel marketing manager,” did you recruited from Hargeisa or Ethiopia (oromo) ?. He told me they were recruited from Hargiesa, and good at work when they compare to Berbera nationals or Somalilanders, and cheap labour and cost effective as well. But in my opinion Daryeel bribe to high rank officials to gain the contracts.

However, Berbera local government internal policy says that ;what Berbera local construction companies can cover should not be given non local construction companies.

Without reasonable doubt, Somaliland best tax payers are construction companies. Furthermore the Somaliland ministry of finance annual best payer record, however, they did not receive the respect, justice they deserve .in return discrimination, immoral and inequality from the current administration bids.

Do Dp world have license to corrupt Somaliland constitutional and institutional legal rights? Leave a question.

Lastly, current issues, concerns and legal implications and Somaliland Supreme court expecting disciplinary action against DP world Corruption allegation in Berbera. the legal experts investigate case by case basis and did express their concerns and recommends t the case should submit to the Somaliland Supreme Court. The outcome of verdict will impose the Dp world to pay large amount of money (fine) or the whole DP world and Somaliland contracts will remain non avoid. And I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the Dp world is legally trapped by the law. Today I believe the Djibouti allegation to DP world misconduct is now visible in Somaliland.

Ahmed Ali Abdi



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